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    Calais C.O.R.E. was developed with the public school student with an IEP in mind. Students may have completed all or most academic requirements but need a little help transitioning to adult life. C.O.R.E. provides three distinct transition pathways created for each individual. Students benefit from a customized program with The Calais School’s 45+ years of excellence in special education.

    Our 1-3 year individualized transition program provides coaching, interest, and aptitude testing to identify paths to student success. Students receive regular job coaching and 21st-century life and careers instruction. Students work with social workers, learning disability teacher consultants, guidance counselors, and SLE coordinators to ensure post-secondary success.


    College Matriculation

    Partnerships with community colleges encourage students to matriculate and succeed in college by emphasizing college-readiness skills.


    Partnerships with certification programs allow students to explore highly skilled professions in specialized trades that may require certification.

    Work Experience

    A variety of job experiences helps students match their interests and aptitudes to career options.

    Calais C.O.R.E. is the first state-approved Community Transition Program in northern New Jersey. Learn more about state-approved programs HERE.

    This cohort program has start dates slated for July 2017, September 2017, and January 2018.