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  • The Calais School Mission

    The Calais School and its staff are committed to providing all students with the academic and behavioral skills to reach their fullest potential and become life-long learners and socially competent members of their communities.

    • Everyone at the Calais school is devoted to offering support for families and are responsive to changing requests and needs through PTO and Parent Support Meetings. If you are looking for a new learning environment for your child, the Calais school is definitely worth a look.


    • The entire staff at The Calais School are very supportive… I love everyone equally. They all work very hard to make me feel comfortable and help me to succeed. When I first came to The Calais School, all of counselors helped me work through my anxiety which makes them even more special to me.

      Sydney L.

    • The Calais School helped prepare me for the future because they taught me how to open up and express my feelings. I learned not to be afraid to ask any questions. And I learned how to let people love me.

      Syhmonie C.

    • I can’t say enough about the warm, loving approach this school community offers. They have spent countless hours of patience and thought devising a plan for our son’s success. He is thriving academically and socially. Everyone from the Directors to counselors, therapists, teachers and aides bring an individualized approach-making sure that each child thrives and […]


    • Calais has prepared me for the future by helping me come over my depression and anxiety and allowed me to look at things in a way so I can deal with them like I didn’t know I could.

      Jon D.

    • The people of Calais are like family to me. Each one of us are all different, but we accept each other for who we are. I tried my absolute best here by turning every obstacle into opportunities to succeed. I have no regrets. Calais has made me who I am today. It has given me […]

      Amanda C.

    • I am a graduate of The Calais School. I am honored and proud to say that I graduated from Calais 25 years ago. I have Tourette’s syndrome and I have to tell you that the seven years I spent at Calais were some of the best years of my life. I was able to be […]

      – Daniel F.

    • Because of my experience at The Calais School, I have become a person which I thought could never have existed. My 10 years at Calais turned out to be rewarding and full of accomplishments. I look back and I really don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for this school. I have […]

      – Doug M.

    • We wanted to say thank you for your commitment and effort in teaching and guiding our son… he grew and developed under your guidance, until he was ready to go to the mainstream full time. My husband and I are so grateful that we found Calais School.  You carried us through some of the toughest […]

      – Hannah B.

    • “Upon meeting with members of The Calais School hearing what type of services would be offered to help our son, we knew The Calais School was the missing piece to our puzzle! Because of the positive learning environment at The Calais School, coupled with cutting edge learning materials, we have seen wonderful growth academically. The […]

      – Parents

    • “Our son has been a student at The Calais School and we have seen enormous progress academically, socially and very importantly emotionally. The exceptional teachers and counselors have been an essential part of his success. The nurturing staff gave him the tools to strengthen his capabilities to deal and navigate through stressful situations. This has […]

      – Parents

    • “My child has benefited from going to The Calais School because the faculty understands my child’s academic and social needs. They find strengths and weaknesses in those areas and build on them in his educational program.”

      – Parents

    • “The Calais Staff has literally saved our son’s life. THEY ALL TRULY CARE about OUR child. I wish they had more schools that specialize in our children’s needs like The Calais School. We are very happy to share with you that our son is now a senior and is looking ahead at college to continue […]

      – Parents

    • My child has benefited from going to The Calais School because the faculty understands my child’s academic and social needs. They find strengths and weaknesses in those areas and build on them in his educational programs.

      – Parents


    The Calais School is a state-approved provider of special education for students with special needs ages 3 to 21. The school serves students in grades Pre-K through 12 Plus with multiple learning disabilities including ADHD, reading and math weaknesses, and anxiety, mood, behavior and autism spectrum disorders. The Calais School provides a safe, nurturing and academically challenging environment for students requiring new behavioral and academic strategies in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

    It can be overwhelming for families to deal with the challenges presented by a child with special needs. The Calais School was founded in 1970 to help families meet those challenges on every level by providing a safe, nurturing environment for each child to learn, grow and improve.

    Students are referred to the Calais School by school districts, health professionals and concerned parents throughout northern New Jersey. We offer the only program for gifted and talented students with special needs in our Twice Exceptional Program, which has been recognized by the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) as one of the 10 best programs in the state.

    Our goal is to be the best at helping your child fulfill their potential. At the Calais School we focus on what each child can do, helping them turn “can’t” into “can”. We know every child has strengths, gifts and potential. We are committed to cultivating the potential of every student, making a difference, one child at a time.